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Welcome to Congregation B’nai Israel, the home of Reform Judaism in Central Arkansas since 1866.

Like every synagogue, B’nai Israel is a Beit T’filah, a house of prayer, where we come together to serve God in worship, our voices raised with praise and thanksgiving.

Like every synagogue, B’nai Israel is a Beit Midrash, a house of study, where men, women, and children gather to learn and to teach, to find new meaning in the timeless words of Torah.

And like every synagogue, B’nai Israel is a Beit K’nesset, a house of assembly, the place where we create and constantly recreate our holy community.

But Congregation B’nai Israel is not like every synagogue.

Our inspiring Sanctuary, with windows to God’s creation and mirrors to every human soul, overflows with the unique blessings that our Temple members bring to this holy congregation.

Like our ancestors at the foot of Mount Sinai, who brought their gifts to build the Tabernacle, members of Congregation B’nai Israel bring treasure to God’s holy place. B’nai Israel members offer up their talents, from the musical to the culinary, the liturgical to the educational. Members bring eagerness to visit the sick and lonely and bereaved, enthusiasm for our youth and devotion to our elders, openness to newcomers and reverence for our veterans, all with a prophetic vigor to improve our world – in Central Arkansas and across America, in Israel and around the globe.

Congregation B’nai Israel is vibrant, bursting with activity and enlivened by Divine blessing.

I can imagine no greater blessing than to serve Congregation B’nai Israel in Little Rock, Arkansas.

With thanks to those who have served God in this place for 147 years, and with an invitation to join me and all at B’nai Israel to serve God into the future, I wish you shalom,

Rabbi Barry Block

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