Congregation B'nai Israel has a rich and diverse worship tradition. Worship services vary from our quarterly use of the Union Prayer Book to our own creative "Classical Style" worship model to our engagement with Miskhan T'filah, the current prayer book of the Reform movement. We also sprinkle in several "All Music Shabbat" services throughout the year. We hold services on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings and all Holy Days and Festivals. Our worship is led by our Rabbi and a committed corps of talented volunteer musicians who elevate our worship through song. We are a singing community that embraces the foundation of Reform Judaism's past, its present and future. We are also blessed with knowledgeable and committed lay worship leaders who conduct our services when the Rabbi is away.

Our Friday worship services are very accessible to people of all religious backgrounds and much of our prayer is in English. Saturday services are often led in the round with communal singing and more Hebrew. We follow the annual cycle of Torah reading and have a study time as part of the Shabbat morning worship.

Here at Congregation B'nai Israel, worship is an opportunity for self-expression. We hope to create the best possible environment for sacred conversation to take place. With a myriad of worship possibilities, we hope to elevate the soul and expand the sacred vision of our community.

All are welcome at our Shabbat service every Friday evening at 6:15pm, preceded at 5:45pm by a Kabbalat Shabbat (visit and snack); and Saturday morning at 11am, preceded by Torah Study at 9:30 am.
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Religious School students lead us in blessings.

Our beautifully renovated sanctuary

Our musicians lead us in worship.

Shabbat Under the Stars
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