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Tours at Congregation B’nai Israel

Visitors are welcome to attend worship services and participate in a guided tour of our Temple.

When groups want to visit as part of a class learning experience it is recommended that they have a tour and explanation of our rituals and routines before experiencing a worship service. These tours are offered by volunteers from our congregation and can be arranged by contacting the Dale Ronnel at Individuals interested in a tour will be accommodated as able by our volunteer tour guides. Tours are not available on a drop-in basis, without reservations in advance.

A tour and sharing a worship service at Temple B’nai Israel has become an integral part of the Confirmation experience for many Methodist churches in the area. Several religion classes from various colleges and universities also regularly schedule tours. For those not desiring to attend a worship service, tours can also be arranged during week-day office hours. Christ the King Catholic School has been bringing their entire sixth grade class over to Temple for a tour for the past several years. Several Bible Study and Sunday School Classes have also come for a week-day tour. It is not unusual for our volunteers to conduct 20 or 25 tours of our building during a calendar year.

If you are interested in leading a tour of our building (and explaining our customs and rituals) please call (501)225-9700 to arrange for training. Temple members are welcome to join a tour group at any time. Check with the Temple office to learn when the next tours are being offered.

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