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Congregation B’nai Israel Legacy Society

When we celebrated the 150th anniversary of Congregation B’nai Israel, we established a mechanism to recognize those members and friends whose vision will help secure a future as illustrious as our past.

If you have made a commitment to Congregation B’nai Israel as part of your estate plan – a bequest in your will, the gift of an annuity, an insurance policy, a charitable trust, or some other deferred commitment – please let us know now so we can honor you as part of our 150th celebration.

Because you are planting seeds for the future, which will sustain our Temple for future generations, we want to recognize your generosity in this 150th year, and we also want to include you as a member of a special new Congregation B’nai Israel Legacy Society.

Members of the society will receive recognition on a special occasion every year. Their names will be included on a permanent donor installation in the building. Each donor will receive a unique memento designed for and available exclusively to members of the Congregation B’nai Israel Legacy Society.

Please let us know if you have already made a planned or deferred gift by signing and returning THIS form. Or, if you have questions and would prefer to discuss this matter with someone, please leave your number with the Temple office, 501-225-9700, tell them you are calling about Planned Giving, and someone will return your call.

Planned Gifts  

These are deferred gifts that will benefit Temple B’nai Israel by sustaining our congregation for future generations, at the same time enhancing and enriching our current programs.

Planned gifts might include:

  • Bequest in your will
  • Beneficiary of an existing life insurance policy
  • Beneficiary of an IRA or 401K
  • Beneficiary of an annuity
  • Beneficiary of a charitable trust
  • Or some other deferred commitment

Charitable Options for Your IRA